COVID-19 Update

01 Jul 2020

Is my event going ahead? - COVID19

We will be notifying customers individually and directly regarding changes to event dates and bookings, so please keep an eye on your emails.

We are advising all customers with bookings to add to your email contact list and safe senders list to ensure you recieve any important updates regarding your event. This protects against overzealous spam filters. If you think you should have recieved important information please ensure you have checked any of the following folders, spam, junk, clutter, other. 

The front page of our website also provides up to date information of our event status' 

Why is my event not going ahead? 

Currently there are lots of factors that are determining whether events can go ahead. With us being part of the leisure and events industry the pandemic has had a huge impact and we are one of the last industry sectors to re-open. Ultimately going forward our focus is to protect our staff and customers and whilst we have had a planned strategy, the decision to go ahead with events will still be dictated by any changes in Government guidance and the numerous challenges we have been presented with some of which we thought we would outline below so you are informed:

 As a company our entire business is built around hosting groups of people from different households, which is extremely challenging with current government advice in terms of group gatherings (events, group sizes and social distancing measures).

It is unavoidable that, on occasion, our staff come within social distancing boundaries to ensure our customers are safe; we provide one to one and hands-on training (which is also a requirement of our insurance) and our staff may have to attend to someone if they fall off.

As a pop upevent company that operate at our partner’s venues we hire the space and travel each weekend to different locations. We are heavily reliant on the opening times and policies of our partners and their available facilities e.g. Toilets, car parking etc. Currently some of these venues are heavily restricting their visitor numbers and therefore even though they are open, they are as yet unable to accommodate our events. We are working with all our venues and utilising our risk assessments to ensure we can open safely. 

We have to closely manage the capacities of our events and unfortunately, due to the volume of customers looking to rebook & change dates on upcoming events due to factors such as shielding and feeling uncomfortable, some events have had to be cancelled as there are not enough people for them to operate. Low capacity events are just not feasible as we are a small business and incorporate lots of costs to put these events on. While this is a factor we indicate for every event, it is something we have to be even more conscious of currently. However with bookings picking up we feel this will be less of a problem as we go forward. 

The changes in operating procedures due to COVID-19 also means we physically cannot run as many event days as we were prior to the pandemic, which means our event calendar has needed to be reduced for the remainder of 2020 which has also led to some event cancellations. We are hoping in 2021 we can return to a full schedule of events.  In the coming weeks we look forward to more good news from the government to make things easier to operate. In the meantime, we have removed all our rebooking and extension fees to help customers currently not feeling comfortable attending or in case they are required to shield or isolate themselves. Please contact us on if you would like to change your date

This whole pandemic has obviously led to a massive drop in event capacities and a loss of revenue and it has been such a difficult time for everybody. The decision to cancel the events we have, was not taken lightly, however we feel we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and will soon get back to running all events safely and with the right facilities and operating procedures

My event is going ahead, what do I need to do?

If your event is going ahead then you can find information on the COVID-19 policies we have put in place by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions  

We are a small office and we do have some staff furloughed, so please be aware our phone lines are not available, but we are responding to all web and email enquiries as quickly as we can. We appreciate every company works differently and we can assure you we are doing our very best to resume back to a full schedule of safe events.  

We do hope you understand and appreciate the hard decisions we have had to make during this time but rest assured we have been working very hard to get re-opened and we thank and appreciate all of the patience our customers have shown, we want nothing more than to reopen fully and provide the best experience we can.