Richmond Park Golf Club, London


The Richmond Park Golf Course venue offers an adventurous Segway course that will see you take to the twists and turns of the spectacular grounds.  Once you have got to grips with the Segway it becomes extremely easy to use, it simply responds to even the slightest shift in weight, allowing you to control the direction and speed.  This location provides a Segway course that will give you a thrilling experience that you will never forget!

Address: Richmond Park Golf Course, Chohole Gate, Norstead Place, London, SW15 3SA

Terrain Type: Open Grounds

Car Parking: Free Parking

What happens on the day?

Upon entry to Richmond Park Golf Course you will need to follow the signposts to the Segway Events’ Pod where you will need to complete the necessary paperwork before being placed in the appropriate safety kit.  You will then be given a brief demonstration before taking your first steps on to the Segway and taking part in a few games to build up your confidence.  Once you have mastered your skills on the Segway you will be taken on a tour of the track by your instructor who will point out any obstacles that you will need to avoid whilst coursing through the woods.  You will then be set free with your Segway to explore the track and experience the adrenaline rush as you test the true speed of your Segway!

Additional Activities:

Located within Richmond Parks 2500 acres, there's plenty to do. The driving range is open to everybody whether you are learning to play golf or you are looking to fine tune your skills! You can hire a bike to explore Richmond Park and as well as participate in a number of sporting activities held on the grounds. Alternatively, the nearest underground station is 2 miles away. Jump on the district line from East Putney Station to central London!


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